Fleas & ticks can be quite the nuisance as the weather gets warmer. Whether you are out in your backyard, hiking in the woods, or playing near the water…these pesky little pests are looking for a home & your Doodle provides the perfect environment for them! The last thing any of us want is to have a flea infestation in our homes or to see a tick hanging from our sweet dog. Whether you live in the high elevation of the mountains or the low valleys, these pests can pop up anywhere. We want to touch on the options for you:

 1.) Topical Options – Your vet or local pet store has a wide variety of topical options. These are liquid options that you squirt on the back of your dog. These can be very effective, but not every topical option is created equal. Many have very harsh reviews while others have an outstanding record. Before you purchase or just trust your vet we encourage you to take a moment to read online reviews or recommendations.

 2.) Oral Options – Many vets are pushing a 3-in-1 option that covers heartworm, fleas, & ticks. We do not recommend this option at all. They have been linked to countless seizure & epilepsy diagnosis in dogs over the past decade. While many vets go for the 3-in-1 option, they also get a high kick back for the sale of these medications. We do not allow any oral option for flea & tick in our breeding dogs & could never recommend this option with a clear conscious until some major overhaul is done to the contents being put into this medication.

 3.) Collars – Seresto as well as some other brands have collar options. While medication kills infestations, these collars simply repel fleas & ticks. So you still may see a flea on your dog, but they shouldn’t remain there long. These can be very effective if this is the route you choose to go with.

 4.) Natural Options – Wondercide is a wonderful, all natural product that we have used for years. They have multiple scents for direct spray on a dog, carpet, or even your yard. PawTree also has a flea/tick spray that we use while grooming. This product is not only extremely effective, but does not carry the same strong smell that Wondercide does. So if you are already ordering their food, then this is a quick add to your monthly shopping cart.

 5.) Brushing – Checking your Doodle all throughout the summer is essential. There is no worse feeling then finding a tick on your Doodle that has clearly been sucking for days. Checking them when they come inside is always an easy way. While slicker brushes are great for Doodles & help with their fur, for checking for unwanted pests you’ll want either some flea combs or a simple metal grooming comb. This will allow you to get deep into the fur & check to see if there are any issues.

Fleas & Ticks can not always be prevented, but understanding prevention & safety can keep your dog as safe as can be. For any follow up questions about prevention don’t hesitate to reach out to us.