Puppy Training

Some families would love a puppy, but maybe due to their time availability, training skill, or health needs they need a little extra support with their brand new puppy. We offer extra training support to our families who may be interested in us working further with their dog. We offer three packages that may fit your needs and what you’re hoping for when you get your puppy.

Starter Pack – 4-Week Training – $2,000

With this option we keep the puppy past the puppy pick up day of 8-weeks of age & continue to work with them. Goals for this training pack will include:

  • Continued crate familiarity & training – Puppy will continue to learn to sleep & eat in a crate. This will create comfort & familiarity.
  • Initial potty training – We will work the puppy past the work already done to teach to potty on multiple surfaces (grass, bark dust, rock, & piddle pads). We will also do initial training with a doggy door, going potty on a leash, as well as free range potty breaks.
  • Puppy manners of waiting patiently for things instead of demanding them – One major focus will be teaching the puppy patience. To not bark, whine, growl, or chew/push a fence to get what they want. We continue to teach the puppy to “Mand” which means to sit & give eye contact while getting the humans attention in a non-verbal or combative way to tell them what they want. This will be a daily focus.
  • Initial leash training – Making the puppy comfortable with the leash, having it attached to them, not biting or chewing it, & learning to walk on it without being pulled.
  • Introduction of basic commands (ie. sit, stay, come, lay down, bed/crate, & heel) – The goal is not mastery of these things, but introduction to them. So when they hear the commands they have form of reference of what to do.
  • Continuation of needed vaccinations – Puppy will stay on schedule with needed vaccinations. Optional vaccinations will not be given unless puppy owner asks us for it.

Advanced Pack – 8-Week Training – $4,000

With this option we keep the puppy past the puppy pick up day of 8-weeks of age & continue to work with them. We work on all of the goals above, but go much more in depth due to the increased time. Goals for this training pack will include:

  • Everything listed above, however more in depth.
  • Public socialization – Puppy will be taken to various locations safely (ie. a park, a pet store, a hardware store, etc) to be put out of their comfort zone, see the world around them, have other humans interact with them, & learn it is safe to be in these situations. This builds trust with humans.
  • Adult dog interaction & pack manners with other dogs – Puppy will be put with other adult dogs of various sizes to learn how to interact in a dog pack, how to behave around them, & learning their role within a pack.
  • No leash pulling – This goes past the initial leash training. The goal is to get them to look to the dog walker & not pull away or stubbornly sit while on a walk.
  • Noise therapy & initial desensitization – Puppy will be introduced to countless noises daily as we work to desensitize them to them (ie. dogs barking, fireworks, police sirens, barn animal noises, car horns, garbage trucks, etc).
  • Small/Nose training – Puppy will learn to seek & find with their nose which helps them stimulate their brain as well as work on discipline.
  • Sensitivity training – We work with the puppy to learn certain things to be gentle with. This starts with an egg opposed to them playing with a ball, then moves up to hard toys we make them think are breakable, then leaving food & drink nearby why we play fetch with them & tug-o-war, then final stage is to be gentle around a toddler.

A la Carte Option – $500 a week

Some families do not need a full 4 or 8 weeks of extra training, but would like an additional couple weeks of work with the puppy. We do offer this option on a case by case basis.

All training packs are subject to our availability. In addition, we want to stress that when you are training such young puppies, mastery is NEVER the goal of any of the listed focuses. Our goal is to introduce the training to the puppy, make them comfortable with it, & start to build a foundation that you, the puppy owner, can build off of. You will not receive a finished product with either of the above packs. The goal is to set the puppy up for success. However training never ends with a dog. We will spend time with you when you pick up your puppy to go over what we have been working on & how you can continue to be successful. We have been training puppies for 20 years & believe our methods can be extremely successful in turning an amazing puppy into an amazing dog! 


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