Puppy Application

Tips to fill out your application to get your own sweet labradoodle puppy

When sending us an application, please make sure you have done the following:

  1. Consider the litter options we have available now or coming soon. We value knowing as much detail as possible in your application: what you are looking for and what litter/s interest you.
  2. Please read and understand all of the information on our FAQ page. This includes some of our most important policies that we expect all families to know prior to applying.
  3. DO NOT apply just to inquire about our availability or to start a dialogue to see if we are a good fit for you as a breeder. We are happy to discuss our dogs in-depth & make you comfortable with us as you choose your next member of your family. An application is designed as a step in the reservation process as opposed to an inquiry.


  1. We will potentially ask follow-up questions, confirm with you what it is you are wanting, and confirm availability with those options.
  2. If accepted, you will need to submit a $500.00 puppy deposit to reserve a puppy from the litter you are interested in. Your spot will initially be held for 72 hours after your application has been accepted, but if a deposit is not received in that time then the hold will be removed. Please be aware that availability can change quickly as applications are submitted often. Official reservations for a litter will be held when a puppy deposit is paid. Once an application is accepted, an invoice for the puppy deposit will be sent to you. You are welcome to mail a check, but we prefer ACH/E-Check.
  3. The remaining $2,500 balance of the puppy will be due once you are matched with your puppy at 7-weeks of age.

We will review your application once it is submitted. Upon your application being accepted & a deposit placed, deposits become non-refundable and will be applied to the total purchase price of the puppy. Reservations are taken in the order that they are received. Deposits may be applied to other litters should the litter you requested not have availability once the puppies arrive or should your circumstances change.

What you can expect in our process:

Fill Out The Puppy Application –  The first step is to fill out the application. We ask many important questions to help determine which litter and/or puppy will be a good fit for your family. We will contact you within a few days of completing our puppy application via email.

Reservation Fee –  Once your application is approved you will be notified and an invoice will be sent. You can remit payment via ACH/e-check or mail a personal check to us. Once we have received your deposit, you will officially be placed on a reservation list.

Communication – We will contact you with an approximate due date and notify you when the puppies are born with a detailed email sharing the next steps. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page, Instagram Page, and our Puppy Blog on our website so you can follow the growth of the litter.

Puppy Introductions –  At 6-weeks of age, we do a detailed video of each puppy where we talk about each one so you can get a better idea as to what each puppy looks like better, their personalities, and their true size. This is a very informative time. In addition, we send out a survey asking you more details on your preferences and making you a big part of the matching process. More details will be provided for each individual litter as this time gets closer.

Matching Day –  At 7-weeks of age, we will do our final temperament testing and then match each puppy to their forever families. More information about this process can be found on the FAQ Page of our website. Final payment is due following us sending you details about the puppy we have matched you with.

Vet Visit –  We will be taking your puppy to the vet around 7-weeks of age, all Mountain View puppies will visit our vet for a healthy puppy check. This also gives them an opportunity to give them a car ride for socialization as well as experience new surroundings.

Commitment & Policies Page Please read through our commitment and policies page.  There is a great deal of important information included in our health warranty contract and we ask all families to read it over thoroughly before placing a deposit.

Additional Application Options:

Apply and Deposit By Regular Mail:

Please email [email protected] if you would prefer to apply through regular mail instead of online and we will communicate those steps.

Here are some helpful links and information you can use to prepare for your new puppy after completing the application: