“Why do you do what you do?” This is a question I get asked all the time. I have been involved in many small businesses, schools, & non-profits over the years. I have worked with many influential people & made quite a difference in the community around me. Yet, when asked this question I find myself reflecting on the “WHY” of that question the most. 

I can’t imagine a life without a dog. In some of my most stressful moments in life there has been a dog right by my side. In some of my most joyous moments in life there has been a dog right by my side. To say that a dog is a loyal companion minimizes their true impact. These faithful friends live with us and mark our hearts with memories that last a lifetime. Whether you have a dog that is spunky or even naughty at times or whether you have a dog that is relaxed and mild mannered, we find ourselves realizing how much these animals make lasting memories. Agnes Turnbull puts it this way, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really”. 

The reason why I have dedicated my life to dogs is because I see dogs as so much more than a status symbol or an “experience” for your family. I see adding a dog or two to your home as an adventure of a lifetime! Every dog relationship will have its ups & downs, but you will always get out of it what you put into it. If you just buy a healthy & quality dog, ask a trainer to make it perfect, & then expect it to be an angel then I would strongly encourage you to consider a fish opposed to a dog. However, if you are willing to put time, emotions, effort, & routine into a puppy you will reap the rewards! These qualities aren’t limited to age either. I have seen such love & mutual respect between owner & dog with owners in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, & even 80’s. Owning a puppy or full grown dog isn’t limited by age, but rather your willingness & ability to put in the effort (even if there are limitations) to reap the rewards with your dog. 

If you have had a human child you know all too well that we don’t get to choose what comes our way in that child. No matter how much we try! We can do all the right things & still that child will have their own unique personality & behavior. However, we don’t give up. We continue to mentor & guide. We continue to do our best to give them the tools to be successful. We continue to build relationship with that child in hopes that it will pay off as they mature. It is the same result with a dog. We don’t give up. We continue to offer love & support because that connection is the most important thing & why we brought this dog into our home to begin with. It was that desired connection! We don’t give up on a dog. We don’t toss them aside & start again. We learn. We become a better leader so we can connect with them better. We learn patience. The most important thing is to not just endure, but to remember the heart of the animal & take moments to reflect on the memories we are building. There is no perfect recipe to dog ownership. I can talk all day with families about dog psychology to get into the specifics of dog behavior. However, in the end it comes down to simply two questions. 1.) Are you putting in the time with your dog? & 2.) Are you enjoying the journey? These two things need to stay in the forefront. Time & Joy! 

A dogs life is relatively short. While there is more of a science to it, the average is roughly for every year of our life they mature 7 years. Another way of looking at it is for every day your dog lives a whole week! So why are they so elated to see you when you come home? More than most they understand how to live in the moment because to them every moment is precious! Those two hours you spend snuggling them at night, walking together, or playing fetch mean far more to them then you realize. It isn’t just a moment to them…it’s everything! 

So in the end, why do I do what I do? I do what I do for the gift of seeing people just like you having the gift of these precious dogs. Seeing all of your updates, your check in texts or emails, & your continued support brings me such joy! To me, dogs make this world a better place. I get the joy & privilege of raising the quality, healthy, & happy dogs while producing puppies that I get to share with all of you. There is a difference between a dog & a member of the family. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to add to your family with these amazing dogs. I can’t imagine the world without a dog by my side. They are loyal, faithful, forgiving, & simply make life more entertaining! While there is so much that goes into this business from grooming, to boarding, to training dogs, & to breeding ethically with a passion to further the breed. In the end, if it wasn’t for a deep passion & respect for these dogs I don’t think I would be doing it. Dogs are more than just a hobby or an addition to a home for me. They are a connection for us that I feel makes all of us better. Working with dogs truly is a labor of love & thank you for being a part of this amazingly connected community that was started 20 years ago! 

Robby Gilliam

Owner/Breeder/Lead Trainer

Mountain View Doodles